Monday, August 25, 2014

Palimpsest 3 - Writing from photography/poetry with restrictions

For week three we talked about Ekphrasic poetry - writing from a work of art - specifically photography with a glimpse at the work of Australian photographers Sue Ford,  Rennie Ellis and Carol Jerrems. We read Edward Hopper's Nighthawks by Joyce Carol Oates and Photograph of my Father in his 22nd year by Raymond Carver. And further to our witnessing of State Library realia, we wrote a noku (haiku with no syllable count) about an object we'd seen recently. 

Some quotes:

A photograph is a secret about a secret - the more it tells you the less you know - Diane Arbus

Joyce Carol Oates: “it is the very skeletal nature of the newspaper, I think, that attracts me to it, the need it inspires in me to give flesh to such neatly and thinly-told tales, to resurrect this event that has already become history and will never be understood unless it is relived, redramatised.”

Some links: 

Girl sitting at window writing by Rennie Ellis

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