Monday, April 29, 2013

Mapping (Me)lbourne Week 2 individual writing/collaborative poem

At Flinders St station I
jump over the ticket barrier
without glancing around

As I wait
a man appears,
with him a small child
who holds a
bright, purple balloon

Outside my blinkers
two men are bleeding

A woman paces anxiously
screeching into her mobile.

The rest is the quiet hum and shuffle
of people in transit.

What they order at the food stores…
How they have their coffees…

At Flinders St station
I saw a bride cry
in the toilets

The balloon began to
detach and fly  from the child
and enter the crowded atmosphere

A funny rhythm, a funny dance,
rusting residue from people’s shoes

I long to twirl
in the ballroom above

At Flinders St station, I wait
and sometimes, I run.

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