Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Melbourne Memory Maps part 2 - Thake & Garner

Nice things happen when you google 'Melbourne Memory Maps'  - one, you get some photographs of Eric Thake from the State Library Collection including evidence of a bird's-eye view of Melbourne mural that is alas no more and two, you find a blog run by someone whose writings you previously enjoyed in a weird anthology about Melbourne architecture.

Here are Eric Thake's memory maps:

Source: http://victoria.slv.vic.gov.au/ericthake/melbmemories/melbmemories.html

And here are the Urbanists:

I liked this post about a mental map of Melbourne's inner north as written about in Helen Garner novels. i can remember when I first moved to Fitzroy I did a lot of bike-riding and site-spotting. I lived in Fitzroy from about 1991-95 give or take a year - and it's like a nostalgia picnic every time I go back.

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