Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let's Go Ginkoo

Wonderful haiku walk and workshop on Sunday June 3rd as part of the Emerging Writers Festival.

Students collaborative renga-esque piece below:

Branches touch the ground
Carpet of leaves under oak
Playground for parrots

Leaves sparkle with light on fire
In the beauty i huddle
My soul I cuddle

iron and fire
have wrought anew
in places of blank ash

The smell of fresh grass
the sunlight
A symphony of birds
(Rossana Fuentes)

Damp dark tree branches
Rotting Autum leaf
Earthworm haunt
(Avigail Halberg)

Leaf melange, plump trunks
Bush survival, stalks at sharp angles
Asphalt clumps.

Sodden bluestone bricks
Demarcate the tenuous
Flap of the oak tree

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