Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Notes on James Bridle podcast/Lost Steps

From here: http://www.loststeps.org/?p=1055

- Janet Cardiff's - The Missing Voice (Soundtrack to city)
- Charles Dickens night rambles, De Quincey
 - "If you go for a long walk in the city very strange things happen..."
- Wordsworth - The Dreamer
- Walking Stewart - A footnote in other people's stories, exists in the corners of other people's memoirs... walking the bridges and parks of London
- an internal map - a restricted orbit
- died half a mile from where he was born (Eliot - the end is where we start from)
- Newspapers/Map is foldable - "tectonic feeling" of the parts of the city coming together
- Open Street Map
- Newspaper Club
- Navigating the city by landmarks (Everyone's London - my own: Hungerford Bridge, Pollo, Charing Cross, Gordon's, the steps to the Thames...)
- Patrick Keillor's London ( re-photographing, now layered with own memories, city as palimpsest)

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